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Moreover, although it is assumed that to other people the hidden tensions between the two levels may not be apparent, Lawrence describes all the characters within Paul's family as having a sort of unspoken awareness of what is going on within each other. Although the parents do not seem to complain explicitly about not having enough money, their anxieties come across very clearly and powerfully to their children in the form of the whispering of the house. Paul's mother, in particular, is not very forthright with her feelings, preferring to keep them bottled up within herself, such as when she does not directly speak of her dissatisfaction with the gift Paul secretly gave her but just says that it was "Quite moderately nice.

The driving force of the story is desire: desire for money, luck, love, recognition, expression. In other words, there is always something lacking which ends up producing strong, though not always recognized, emotions. Paul's mother desires more money but never speaks so explicitly about this desire; the house does it for her. Likewise Paul desires his mother's love and recognition.

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Every desire poses itself as an image of fulfillment, especially for Paul, who imagines a "there" which he can "get" to. However, the fulfillment of this desire - his greatest gambling win and his winning his mother's love - ends up consuming him so entirely that he dies. The reaction of almost all the characters towards the tensions between inner and outer in the story is, for the most part, to remain silent.

Uncle Oscar takes interest in Paul for his precocity in predicting races, but never tries to figure out how it is that Paul gains his insight; or if he does know, then he says and does nothing about it, despite the destructive path it leads Paul to take. Ironically, this silence makes problems and anxieties even more clear and compelling to everyone in the family.

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What the characters do not say, the house whispers or shouts to them obsessively, so that they can never escape their problems and anxieties. Although some inner anxieties, which are left unspoken by the characters, end up being articulated by other forces such as the whispering of the house, there are also certain emotional realities which remain unnoticed or only sensed in the dimmest of ways. Lawrence, represents three messages.

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The overpowering need for money takes a toll on families. The stories dissatisfied family demonstrates the adverse psychological effects that arise from the insatiable desire. Just Keep Rocking Individuals have struggled with ignorance time and time again, and this ignorance can penetrate every aspect of their lives. In the short story by D. With a burden on his shoulders, he will not stop until he gets what his mother desperately.

Lawrence tells us about the traumatic downfall of an upper middle class family struggling to maintain appearances through habitual overspending. Both the parents with common jobs and "expensive tastes" pg. A relationship between a mother and son should be one that is full of unconditional love. The mother should be able to provide for the son and in return the son should look to the mother for comfort and stability.

Lawrence's, "The Rocking-Horse Winner," the relationship between the protagonist, Paul and his mother is not ideal at all. The first indication the relationship between Paul and his mother is not one that is ideal is when we are first introduced to the mother.

She reveals.

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Her son, Paul, also learns. The Rocking Pig An analysis of Abrupt, Surprising Endings Life is a sudden gift, that is bestowed upon us in a magnificent way, with people all around us mostly for guidance and help, but with all of these gifts, there are tragedies. Even more sudden they come out of nowhere with enough malice to cause the death of thousands of people a day. This has become a very great trend for authors, the act of sudden disasters that will slap you in the face as you read them.

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Many times throughout the narrative could we detect the disapproving words used to picture the environment. The newness and freshness of life. Situated between two extremes: one is the ugly and boring scene.

For several times he has to withdraw to the back drawing-room or the front parlour or the upper portion of the house where he can peep at his darling miss. About the attitudinal factor. His uncle gives him the permission to travel to the bazar with a dull. Even when asked once more by the male child about the bazar.

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His aunt. It is to state the male child has no existent comrade. The male childs in the two narratives. They are dispirited and frustrated by the scene. Their animation every bit good as their normal emotional developments are earnestly retarded by their milieus.