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Perfection is the Key: The first and foremost thing that the companies actually think is the perfection. This is said to be the utmost criteria when it comes to outsourcing projects. Australian companies firmly believe that their work can be completed with perfection by Indian companies that have a huge track record of completing the projects with perfection. Communication Skills: As English people ruled India for more than years and the language; being made learned to Indian students, gems turn out with perfection upon graduating from University; when it comes to understanding and speaking English fluently.

Cost Savvy: To be frank, most of the working staff in India belongs to middle-class families and their standard of living is not that high as compared to Australian populate. Skilled Workers are available in great quantity: This is the only reason why Australian companies have shown faith on the Indian counterparts as they are the one; who can get the outsourced tasks completed on time with accuracy by keeping quality benchmarks into consideration.

Knowing this, the Australian companies have made up their mind for virtual staff outsource in India to get their important tasks accomplished with precision. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails.

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Major Outsourcing Trends in India - P.S. Reddy, MD & CEO: CtrlS

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How much time do you spend staring at your phone screen? Researchers found out that the average teenager checks their phone 85 times a day.

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  5. India newest pride, Hima Das has taken the world by storm by becoming the first Indian woman to win a gold medal during the recent IAAF World Under Championships in the metre final race. She has proven herself to be a marvellous athlete who…. The ability to see true beauty formed from the earth is one of the few penniless pleasures the world has to offer.

    Sculpted from high speed winds or shaped from running water the earth has learned to evolve. Living on a planet whose timescale measures…. Sorry, You cannot copy content from our website. The falling expenses and higher unwavering quality of more up to date correspondence frameworks were particularly essential to the moving of less gifted and moderately bring down wage phone call benefit occupations from the US to India. Today the occupations moving from the US to India cover a scope of expert aptitudes, notwithstanding IT work and call focuses, including obligation gathering, value and bond examination, bookkeeping, recording salary charges, clinical medication research et cetera.

    Our client is a mid-sized accountancy firm based in Dallas, Texas. The Client provides accounting, payroll and individual and corporate tax return preparation services to a diverse mix of small-medium businesses. The outsourcing project at our firm started with 5 end-clients and was extended to 80 end-clients in five months. It covered accounting monthly bookkeeping, year-end closing and write-up services and payroll services. Use of a file tracker system with document identification numbers to clearly highlight missing data or documents.

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