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My mid-term goal is to become a certified public accountant, and my long-term goal is to become a top executive officer. My short-term goal is go have bachelor degree in accounting from CSUN in two years. To obtain this goal, there are several things that I need to do.

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I need to maintain my full time student status which is to have at least 12 units per a semester. I also need to have good study skill so I can keep up my GPA while working part-time off campus. Working while taking accounting classes is hard but it is possible if I use good study skill to use the time wisely. My mid-term goal is to pass the CPA examination to become a certified public accountant.

My research has showed me that there are two types of CPA licenses. One is that a person must practice in California and the other one is that a person can practice their job nation wide. Linda was a high performer at work, and had been promoted to manager early. She started managing teams during her second year, and had extensive experience working directly with high profile clients. All of this experience created a strong story to sell her leadership ability, communication skills and work ethic.

Incidentally, Linda was a graduate of Penn State with a solid 3. Most employees of public accounting firms are set up extremely well for positions within corporate finance, and Linda wanted a different career path.

She enjoyed working with clients and being part of a team, but she was interested in solving a variety of problems and wanted to work in strategy. At the same time her passion was fashion and luxury goods. Ideally she wanted to be in a business development or strategy position within a large retailer. We worked with Linda to craft her career goals essay into a solid story. She would leverage her client and team leadership experience effectively in management consulting. To demonstrate that Linda was a creative and innovative thinker who would be well suited to management consulting and and strategy we pulled from her college experience as the leader of a club that put on fashion shows at Penn State.

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Linda highlighted the entrepreneurial nature of that activity. Overall we highlighted where Linda stood out from her peers creative college activities and long-term career goals while also leveraging the assets of a prestigious firm and well-regarded work experience. However, some students may complete a case study as part of their thesis or capstone project. Undergraduate students often evaluate case studies that other accountants and researchers have already conducted. Master's and doctoral students are more likely to assist with case studies. Essays describe an event, explain a viewpoint, argue for a particular approach, or investigate a phenomenon.

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Essays usually rely on the author's experiences, viewpoints, or opinions. However, some essays include support from outside sources. The list below describes common essay types students should know how to write.

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The key to writing a successful paper is to understand each type's purpose and strengths. You wouldn't, for example, write a narrative the same way you would write a cause-and-effect essay. While most bachelor's programs go into depth about essay types, here is an overview.

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In any academic writing, especially research papers, students must take care to properly credit where they got their ideas, data, statistics, and graphics. Citing sources can strengthen a thesis and give weight to the writer's own research efforts. Proper citation also protects the writer from plagiarism.

Once levelled, a plagiarism claim can prove detrimental to one's academic career and subsequent professional career. Intentional or not, plagiarism besmirches a student's integrity and can lead to suspension or even expulsion. Students can choose from many different citation styles, including those listed below. Some professors require students to use a particular format. Widely used in the social sciences, APA style originated in to increase the readability of scientific writing.

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The style places an emphasis on a source's date. More recent sources hold more weight. APA in-text citation lists the author name, followed by the publication year. This style compiles all sources into a references page. Business and finance courses often use APA. In general, APA style works well for professions that use technical writing. Form: author name, publication year, work title, publication city, and publisher.

Brodersen, S. Saxonburg, PA: Pylon Publishing. Historians commonly use CMS since source origin is the most important element. The author-date format lists the author's last name, followed by the publication date with no comma and the page number. The notes-bibliography format uses footnotes. Form: author name, work title, publication city, publisher, and publication year. Brodersen, Stig and Preston Pysh. MLA style, which dates back to the formation of the Modern Language Association in , documents sources for scholarly writing.

The humanities and fine arts commonly use MLA, but many other academic fields also use the style. To cite within text, writers list the author's name and the page number. A works cited page lists all sources at the end of the paper. Per the most recent edition of the MLA handbook, students no longer need to include the city of publication and publication marker. Authorship is the most important aspect in MLA format.

Form: author name, work title, title of container [if applicable], publisher, and publication year.

Pylon Publishing, AP style does not cite sources in a list at the end of a paper. Instead, authors link to sources in the work itself. Journalists primarily use the style. Few academic fields exclusively use AP style because of the lack of reference page. AP guidelines codify grammar, spelling, punctuation, and language usage.

The style creates consistency, clarity, and accuracy. APA style lends itself well technical writing, however, and thus is the more common of the two. In the end, your professors will let you know which style to use for your research paper. You can also check your discipline's journals for insight into what style is common. The journal provides a guide on how to create in-text citations and compile a references page.

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A common mistake for many writers is using passive construction. A passive sentence focuses on the object receiving the action instead of the subject performing the action. For example, consider the following sentence:. The object, "Tuesday's parade," begins the sentence. Those performing the action, "the estimated , people," end the sentence rather than begin it.

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