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Those marked with an asterisk will be distributed in class as a hard copy handout, or will be available on the web. Unit One - Craft Essential question: What are key elements of craft used by nonfiction writers to give form and function to their work? Distribute assignment guide; Character development and narrative persona ; Shop Talk: Citing sources in creative nonfiction. Character development and research methods ; Prep for character sketch exercise: examples from Welty, Lahr, and Singer. SI in-class session. Introduction to innovative, multi-media nonfiction.

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Examples from Calle and Depardon. Narrative structure and form , including fragments, braids, and lyrical white space. Discuss expectations for exercise 2. An excerpt from The Situation and the Story. Gornick, Vivan. Unit Two - Ethics Essential question:. What sorts of ethical questions must nonfiction writers navigate?

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How will you address ethical considerations in your own work? On writing about oneself. Writing exercise 3 in-class activity. Allison, Dorothy. An excerpt from The Journalist and the Murderer. Malcolm, Janet. Glass, Ira. Unit Three - Practice Essential question:. What are the skills and habits of an effective editor? What does it mean to read your own work and the work of others with generosity? Final piece due in hard copy to my office in the Kendall House on or before this day at 5pm.

Academic Honesty Students must uphold the academic integrity standards expected by the University of Wyoming. The Haub School holds a site license to anti-plagiarism software and I reserve the right to use it.

Advanced Creative Nonfiction 1

Assessment Grade Distribution:. Please come to class each day on time and ready to work, with your cell phone turned off. You may miss three classes during the semester, no questions asked, without consequence to your grade. After that, each additional absence will lower your final participation grade by one full letter grade. Three instances of tardiness will count as one absence. If you miss a class, you are responsible to make up the work complete in class or assigned that day.

A missed conference with me will also count as an absence.

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Late work including daily assignments and required essays is not accepted. In the case of extended illness or other emergency circumstances, please contact me within one week of the absence s ; accommodations may be arranged at my discretion. Under other circumstances, you will take a zero 0 for missed work.

Foundations of Creative Nonfiction | Creative Nonfiction

Student Support If you have a physical, learning, or psychological disability and require accommodations, please let the instructors know as soon as possible. All CWL required event will include a sign-in sheet. Be sure to sign the sign-in sheet to receive credit for attendance. All events are held at 7 p. This course provides an overview of the strategies, history, and craft of creative nonfiction.

In this course students will write and analyze various types of nonfiction, including, but not limited to, memoir, journalism, the personal essay.

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The focus will be on developing facility in various forms and mastering fundamental concepts of the genre, including voice, narrative distance, setting, research, structure, and dialogue. This class will require significant reading and writing assignments, as well as attendance at CWL visiting writer and student readings.

Regarding the workshop environment: Class must be a non-judgmental place where writers can bring their work and ask for help toward improvement of their projects. Due to the nature of non-fiction writing, it is very important that writers feel confident that their work will not be discussed with anyone other than the members of this class.

Critiques will be accomplished through the writing workshop critique sheets and in-class discussions. Workshop materials must be submitted for critique when due in order to participate in the workshop. Workshops will not be rescheduled, and those who fail to participate will be penalized accordingly for mid-term and final grades. Students are required to provide copies of their work for their workshop groups and for the instructor.

Foundations of Creative Nonfiction

With both written and oral critiques, students should take care to objectively evaluate the work, and refrain from unproductive and subjective evaluations. Participation in class discussions and the workshop are mandatory, and will be evaluated as such for mid-term and final grades. More than 2 absences can result in a lowering of course grade, and in cases of consistent absences, a failing grade for the course. Tardiness is unacceptable and will also result in a lowering of your final grade. Bottom line: Attend every class in a timely manner. Cell phones are explicitly prohibited in this classroom, and their use during class time will not be tolerated.

Students who own cellphones must leave their phones in the designated area at the start of class. Any student who fails to do so and violates this policy will receive a single cellphone infraction warning. Subsequent cellphone violations may result in a failing grades for course participation or, if the cell phone use does not cease, the removal of a student from the class and a resulting failing grade for the course. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Santa Fe University of Art and Design makes every effort to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Students may receive these accommodations if they contact their professor and register with Charlie Miu, Disability Services, at charlie. Santa Fe University of Art and Design values academic integrity. It is the policy of our university to foster creative and academic work that is both original and based on fundamental principles of academic integrity. When taking information or quotes from other authors and incorporating that material into a writing assignment, students must acknowledge the source and authorship of the material they borrow by properly citing it using Modern Language Association MLA standards.

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It is the responsibility of the student to understand and adhere to this university policy, follow prescribed guidelines, and understand the consequences of violating the policy. Enrollment in this university assumes a commitment to upholding the principles of academic integrity. The complete policy on academic integrity, including penalties for violations of policy and processes for appeal, is available for review in the Student Handbook and Academic Catalog. Written work in this class must be original; work written or submitted for previous classes or assignments may not be used in this course.

If an emergency arises in which class must be cancelled, a note will be posted on the classroom door informing students of the cancellation and related information. If a cancellation notice is not posted, students are expected to remain in the classroom until dismissed by a college representative. All assignments are subject to change.