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Another word that is a synonym of argument in this context is assertion. An assertion is a reason to support the author's point. Valid: A valid argument is one that follows rules of logic and gives complete evidence for the position. Most readers think of a valid license, but that is not what this word means in the context of an argument.

How do you write a persuasive essay step by step for kids

This slideshare reviews information to help readers understand the questions they can ask and the fallacies they can look for to judge whether or not persuasive text presents valid arguments or assertions. Use the learning from the tutorial to analyze the following article against year round school. The author offers several arguments in support of a long summer break.

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Use the six questions from the video to analyze the arguments from this persuasive essay. Cite evidence from the essay in your response. You may type your essay or write it in a notebook. Submit your essay to your teacher once done. Is the main point clear? Are the assertions clear? To answer this question, please cite the main point and assertions from the reading.

Argumentative Essays

Then comment on the clarity of the main point or assertions. Are the sources for the evidence reliable?

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  • Persuasive essay writing quiz.
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  • Please explain the sources and how reliable you believe them to be. Is the evidence convincing and sufficient? Please explain why you believe the evidence is convincing or not convincing.. Are the inferences based on the evidence logical?

    First explain what inferences are made from the evidence. Then discuss whether or not the evidence is logical.

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