Positive and negative effects of information technology on society essay

Speech-generating devices give people with severe speech impairments a way to express themselves: perhaps the most famous user of such a device is scientist Stephen Hawking. Further advances in technology may result in functional brain-computer interface systems, restoring the ability to communicate to people who have lost it entirely, such as sufferers of locked-in syndrome. As people's ability to communicate improves, the reach of their messages widens.

This can be especially important in politics and activism. For instance, photos and video recorded covertly through a cell phone can be quickly and easily shared online through websites such as YouTube, making it harder for oppressive regimes to keep control; social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to organize and coordinate meetings and protests. The Egyptian revolution of was spurred greatly by social media.

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Electronic media like radios, televisions, internet, social media have improved the way we exchange ideas which can develop our societies.

The negative effects of the internet

In many countries, radios and televisions are used to voice the concerns of the society, they organize live forums where the community can contribute through mobile phones or text service systems like tweeter. During political elections, leaders use radio, television and internet media to reach the people they want to serve. Communication technologies like Televisions, radios, and internet can be used to persuade, entertain and inform the society.

Small businesses have also used the internet and mobile communication technology to grow and improve their customer service. Technology has improved education and learning process: Education is the backbone of every economy. People need well and organized educational infrastructures so that they can learn how to interpret information.

Information Technology, Its Impact on Society and Its Future

Many schools have started integrating educational technologies in their schools with a great aim of improving the way students learn. Technologies like smart whiteboards, computers, mobile phones, iPads, projectors, and internet are being used in classrooms to boost students moral to learn.

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Visual education is becoming more popular and it has proved to be the best method of learning in many subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, geography, economics and much more. The business community has invested money in various educational technologies which can be used by both teachers and their students.

Negative Effects of Technology Essay

For example, on iTunes, you will find many educational applications which can allow students and teachers exchange academic information at any time, this has made learning mobile. Also, programs like Long distance learning have opened boundaries too so many scholars around the world.

Look at the total number of mobile phones and computers being manufactured today, our population is increasing every day and all these billion consumers demand either a mobile phone or a computer in their homes or offices.

This is good news for the manufactures, like Apple or Samsung , the demand for their gadgets is high, but to sustain this demand, they have to exploit Mother Nature for resources like aluminum, once these resources are extracted from the earth plates, they will never return back because it took them a billion years to mature.

That means that at one time, we shall be left with no natural resource which can be a problem to the future generation and economy. Likewise, the intensive farming practices will deplete the soil. This makes heavy applications of commercial fertilizers necessary to yield healthy harvests, but also these fertilizers have chemicals which are dangerous to the soil and human lives.

Technology has helped us live longer by improving health facilities and aiding in the research for solutions for most health problems which affect humans.

Technology And Its Effect On Technology

This is good news for developed countries but is bad news for developing countries which have not been in a position to access these health care benefits brought by technology. In developed countries population growth is controlled by advanced birth control methods, this has helped them balance their population in relation to natural resources and other opportunities which come with a planned population. This is different in developing countries, the rate at which people produce is very high, the mortality rate is high, food is scarce and health care is poor.

Pollution affects the land we grow crops on, the water we drink and the air we breathe. The increased demand for new technologies and advancement of technologies has resulted in many manufacturing and processing factories. As they work so hard to create the best technologies for both society and business, they release harmful chemicals and gasses which have polluted our environment and this has resulted in climate changes global warming. So the more technology we enjoy, the more we harm our environment.

Arguably, a number of technological advancements have adversely affected definite industrial sectors, like the print media. These advancements have even caused several businesses to shut down forever or shift their scope of business because there is a lack of demand for their type of goods and services.

Newspaper businesses and local agencies have been hit hard; some have been forced to shut down or lay off a large chunk of their employees because news these days is readily available on the Internet, especially on the social media. Several companies and other businesses now depend deeply on digital printing means for magazines, brochures, as well as, other advertisement supplies they require, thereby putting conventional, lithographic printing in a tough spot.

Music lovers do not have to purchase their favorite singles or albums from music stores anymore, many files are readily accessible over the Internet, a phenomenon that has forced big music store companies to shut down or shift their mode of businesses. Consequently, the movie industry has also suffered since consumers can now download or purchase movies online, which has decreased DVD sales. There is no denying that technology has its positive attributes, but when looking at the way it has impacted on the society, especially the way people interact with each other, then it is safe to state that technology has a negative impact.

Modern technology has changed the way people interact nowadays. One can communicate with whomever at any given time using the many social media platforms present to date. This sounds like a helpful idea, but it has created a distinct barrier because people have ceased to interact the on a personal basis like the traditional way. As a result, people are becoming confined to their homes, and do not want to interact with the outside world.

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  • Many fun games like football, basketball or tennis can now be played online; therefore, people have ceased to anticipate going outside and playing such games with their friends. While technology is vital in making life easier, interaction with the rest of the society is important; becoming desensitized to the public is harmful.

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    Without looking at the bigger picture, one would quickly think that these technological tools have enabled people to gain an understanding of other civilizations, meet with different people on a global scale, preserve or reinforce familial relationships, be in touch with the rest of the society, and help individuals to become socially adroit. Nonetheless, some technological aspects increase stress levels and isolation in the society.

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    It is common nowadays to be involved in relationships via technology, but at times, the quantity of such associations leaves individuals involved feeling somehow empty. If it has not already happened; therefore, it is crucial to redefine socially tolerable and suitable behaviors in view of virtual and digital interaction. At this point in time, very few have critically thought about the novel social realities that have come with technology, as well as, the meaning of these realities in view of the person as well as the society.

    A recent study about information technology and students pointed out that a majority of undergraduates used social networking sites, including Twitter, Face book, MySpace, and Instagram, among many more others. About 85 percent of the respondents stated that they used such social platforms on a daily basis. This report points out one defining factor: that the use of these sites is on an upward trend. Notably, using these sites has both positive and negative impacts. It enables long lost pals or family members to reconnect and keep in touch.