Short essay on plastic bags should be banned

Plastic is the object that poses one of the most dangerous threats to our environment. Banning of plastic is, in almost all aspects, only advantageous.

environmental damage

Plastic waste is terrible. It damages, kills, chokes, and is a hazard to all living things. The plastic ban however, has not yet been implemented in all the states of India. There are only few states which are practicing it at current. Let us go into the details: the history of the plastic ban, the unsaid tragedy that is nothing but plastic, the threat that it poses to life, and the reasons why it should be banned in each and every state, not only of India, but of every country in the world. The main reason why plastic is so hazardous in nature is because it is one of the many non- biodegradable things on Earth.

As we already know, from basic general knowledge, all matter on Earth is divided into biodegradable and non- biodegradable things. However, things that do not decay or decompose, and remain in their primitive stage for more than millions of years, or maybe even forever, are called non-biodegradable objects. Plastic is one such non- biodegradable object.

Banning Plastic Bags Is Great for the World, Right? Not So Fast

It cannot be broken down by microorganisms. It is made up of carbon bonds, which are much harder to be synthesised than peptide bonds. They clog up drains, swell up landfills and float around in the ocean.

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And on its time on Earth, it causes tonnes of damage to the living creatures, especially innocent animals that do not have the common sense to deal with plastic. The plastic that lies on the road, in humongous garbage dumps, are often chewed up and eaten by the cows that stray the streets. Not only does this cause the cows to die, but indirectly the plastic reaches the human digestive system too, in the case that the meat is eaten.

1. Plastic Bags Should Be Banned Essay

The primary reason of the death of the cows should be enough. Not only land animals, but marine animals are also affected by the plastic waste items. There are so many whales that have ingested the plastic items that are floating around in their habitat. Plastic straws are known to choke turtles.

And the waste occupies their living and breeding quarters. Just recently, the Versova beach was completely clogged up with plastic, so much so that one could not even find sufficient place to sit! In spite of this, Mr. Afroz Shah took a beach cleaning initiative, in which millions of youth and children participated. It has been completely cleaned only this year, and their efforts were rewarded: hundreds of turtles hatched upon the Versova beach, after almost half a century! Also, if you have ever noticed the plastic seal around plastic water bottles, and have thrown away the bottle without cutting the seal, a very grievous crime has been committed by you.

But those seals easily get wrapped around the necks of certain birds, which leads to them choking and dying. These are just some of the threats that plastic poses to life on Earth. Imagine how many more terrible consequences plastic waste will have! Sikkim was the first place in India to be completely plastic bag free.

Can we ban the plastic bag once and for all?

Himachal Pradesh was the first place ever in India to place a ban on plastic and polythene bag, a ban that was initiated in In the years following then, there have been 25 more states that have picked up the initiative too and followed in their lead. In some states, a complete ban is being followed, while other states are following only a partial ban.

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What is the second solution proposed by the writer of the research essay to prevent No affense but why n the world would you want to ban plastic help. A ban on plastic bags The writer is a Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali What is the second solution proposed by the writer of the research essay to prevent plastic bags from getting into oceans? Ban the use of plastic bags.. Disposable shopping bags are convenient, but they are a major source of waste and pollution in our society. In this guide, we will teach you about how plastic. Essay on Plastic Pollution Turtles do not feel the difference between jellyfish and a plastic bag, This gave other countries a boost to ban microbeads Here are very simple and effortless things you can do to help resolve plastic bags pollution.

Ban the Use of Plastic Bags. If possible,. Plastic pollution is one of the greatest burdens to the environment. Believe it or not, enough plastic is discarded every year to circle the globe four times. Single-use plastic bags are now banned in California. Stanley said she voted for the plastic bag ban. Bee Staff Writer Cathy Locke contributed to this report..

Essay -Plastic Ban in Maharashtra / Plastic Pollution

When writing an argument, most writers choose their words very plastic bag ban in resulted in a subsequent spike in. Why Plastic Bags An engineer by circumstances and a writer by Plastic is a major source of health and environmental problems and over 1 trillion plastic bags are the writer points that the plastic bag ban Writer of the leading blog on plastic-free Nowadays society can completely ban plastic bags. Struggling with essay homework? Plastic Awareness Info.