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The APA accords accreditation to doctoral programs in counseling psychology that meet certain criteria with respect to faculty, curriculum, facilities, and other considerations. To learn more about accredited and non-accredited options for doctoral training in counseling psychology:. Already have your doctoral degree in counseling psychology? Take the next step and learn more about Board Certification in Counseling Psychology.

Become a part of the Society and Division 17 today! Coursework earned four or more years prior to admission to the doctoral program is not allowed to satisfy requirements. No credits from a UW—Madison undergraduate degree are allowed to count toward the degree. With program approval, students are allowed to count no more than 9 credits of coursework numbered or above taken as a UW—Madison University Special student.

Placement on probation indicates a very serious faculty concern about a student's performance.

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Students are placed on probation, as opposed to being dismissed from the program, when the faculty determines that the student likely will be able to address the difficulty that led to the probation if appropriate remediation is provided. If a recommendation for probation and remediation is adopted by the faculty, the student and advisor work with the Doctoral Training Committee or a subset of this committee to formulate a remediation plan including explicit goals and deadlines for evaluation of their attainment.

Students on probation cannot be approved as ready for the next level of clinical training i. This can have a substantial impact on time to degree, as practicum applications begin in the fall semester for the following academic year. Upon admission to the doctoral program, all students are assigned a faculty advisor.

The doctoral student may select a major professor from the Department of Counseling Psychology who is not the original faculty advisor. In view of the important role that the major professor plays in the student's dissertation research, students are advised to allow themselves sufficient time to get acquainted with all faculty, so that they can select a major professor with whom they share similar research interests, career goals, or other interests.

The doctoral student's faculty advisor plays an important role in monitoring and assisting the student with program planning. Reviews of student progress are an agenda item for departmental faculty meeting in November 1st-year students only and in April or May all active Ph.

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All students are required to conduct a yearly progress report meeting with their advisor. Student perspectives are taken into account in these reviews, and all students complete the Doctoral Student Report on Progress, in conjunction with their advisors. Students have eight years from the date of admission to complete all of the necessary courses. Courses that are more than eight years old will not fulfill program completion requirements for admission to candidacy. Admission to candidacy occurs when students successfully complete all required coursework and pass their doctoral preliminary examinations.

Students must be admitted to candidacy within ten years of admission to the department. Once admitted to candidacy dissertator status the student has five years to complete the dissertation and pass the final oral examination. Once students are admitted they are expected to maintain continuous enrollment and make satisfactory progress toward their degree. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment may result in lengthy reentry process or possible termination from the program.

Prior to reentry into the program, the student should contact the department and petition the faculty for reentry. The full faculty will determine whether the student is granted reentry without conditions, granted reentry conditionally e. The vast majority of Ph. Graduate assistantships and fellowships typically pay a monthly stipend, often carry a full tuition waiver, and provide an excellent benefits package. Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. Note: Because of the relatively small size of many doctoral programs, EPPP pass rates are reported only in terms of the three-year moving average.

Andrea Guptill, Student Services Coordinator ampalm wisc. Stephen Quintana, Director of Graduate Study stephen. Graduate School grad. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison. Licensure as a Psychologist Graduates of the Ph.

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Summer Deadline The program does not admit in the summer. Other Test s e.

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Informational Meetings A number of informational meetings are held each fall by our department. Application Procedure Up-to-date information and requirements regarding applying to our Ph. Graduate School Resources Resources to help you afford graduate study might include assistantships, fellowships, traineeships, and financial aid.

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Program Resources Although the program cannot guarantee funding to students admitted to the Ph. In addition to tuition remission, monthly stipend, and heath care benefits, the program strives to assist our fellows with first year transition, community building, and professional development opportunities.

To be eligible for AOF, a student must be a U. Permanent Resident, and be admitted to or enrolled in a graduate department. Both M. The department nominates top eligible candidates for Ed-GRS automatically - no additional application materials are needed from the applicant. More information about AOFs can be found on their website.

Students interested in becoming a Residence Hall House Fellow should view the information available on their website. Racial and ethnic minority students are encouraged to apply for the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program.

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Information is available on their website. Assistantships Department assistantships are assigned through a competitive application process each spring. Financial Aid Information and application materials for financial aid, loans, scholarships, and student employment may be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Financial Aid at East Campus Mall, Room , Madison, WI , On This Page. Prior Coursework Graduate Work from Other Institutions With program approval, students are allowed to count no more than 21 credits of graduate coursework from other institutions.

To minimize conflict with students seeking required third-year placements, practicum placements after the third year of training must be coordinated by the practicum committee prior to submission of the application. Students conclude their clinical training with an APA-approved internship during their fifth year. The Portfolio of Competencies and Qualifying Exam must be completed before the internship process can begin.

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  • Students are encouraged to look for internships that best meet their interests and training needs, regardless of location. Under new regulations adopted by the state of Massachusetts, individuals with doctoral degrees in psychology are no longer eligible for licensure without completing an APA internship or an internship program that currently meets all criteria to obtain APA approval. APA approved internships are typically full time but there are also a number of part-time internships offered across the country.

    An independent research dissertation is the central element of the PhD in clinical psychology. The basis of the dissertation is an independent empirical research project designed and conducted by the candidate. Collaborative research—which includes independent components for each investigator—is encouraged. Often, the dissertation involves clinical samples with whom students work as research subjects, where findings may have immediate applied clinical value.